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What human food can Sphynx cats eat—Untamed breaks down the best diet!

To say that Sphynx cats are enthusiastic eaters would be an understatement. These medium-sized kitties eat more than other breeds and are always looking for table scraps and unexpected kitchen heists! So, what human food can Sphynx cats eat? While it’s near impossible to make an exhaustive list, we’ll present the most popular safe and unsafe food items.

Keep in mind that human food and kitty treats fall into the category of snacks, which are fed occasionally and shouldn’t make more than 10% of your cat’s diet. Sphynx cats should have wet food regularly for their long-term welfare. These kitties are prone to skin problems mainly because they are a hairless breed and need products tailored to boost their dermal health and overall immune function.

What human food to feed Sphynx cats?

Felines of all breeds share about 99% of the same DNA, so the list of safe and unsafe food applies to all kitties, not only Sphynx cats. Let’s look into the primary human food categories and evaluate their suitability for cats.

Kitty world’s wide-eyed, ugly-duckling protagonists—Sphynx cats may come from a line suffering from genetic mutation, but they embody ethereal beauty in uniqueness!

Source: Linnea Sandbakk

Meat and fish

Cats are natural-born carnivores, so meat, fish, and organs are biologically appropriate for their digestive system. The prep method is somewhat different from human cuisine. Let’s go over some typical kitty snacks:

  1. Cured meat—Cats can enjoy tiny cuts of cured meats like bacon, salami, ham, pepperoni, smoked sausages, etc., once in a while. Don’t make it a regular treat as cured meats have high sodium content, which can cause feline salt toxicosis
  2. Raw meat—Many cat parents share bits of raw chicken, liver, or bones with their kitty while cooking dinner. It is a risky move as raw meat, fish, and eggs can get contaminated with bacterial pathogens during various handling processes or contact with floors and countertops, leading to food poisoning and infections
  3. Meat dishes—While a small bite won’t harm your kitty, human dishes made with meat may not be safe for feline consumption because of:
    1. Excessive salt
    2. Toxic ingredients like onions, garlic, and alcohol
    3. Too much fat, which can trigger gastrointestinal episodes

Human-grade meat is full of proteins, minerals, and vitamins which are necessary for cats. Did you know that most cat food manufacturers use feed-grade meat for their products? Feed-grade ingredients are usually scraps declared unfit for human consumption and include processed animal byproducts like meat, fish, or insect meals. They are nutritionally suboptimal compared to the products from the human supply chain.

If you want your kitty to enjoy superior nutrition, get them cat food with human-grade meat.

Milk and dairy products

Felines love the creamy and rich taste of milk treats like cheese, ice cream, and yoghurt, and they can enjoy dairy snacks in moderation. Milk isn’t great for cats as its fat and sugar contents are unhealthy.

Many cats gradually develop lactose intolerance once they are weaned off their mother’s milk, so dairy may not sit well with them. Avoid giving your kitty regular milk if it causes vomiting and diarrhoea.

Lactose-free milk and vegan milk (like soya milk or almond milk) are equally bad for cats. Your pet should have them in the tiniest amounts only.

Your Sphynx may love sunlight for obvious reasons, but take steps to shield their fragile skin. Prolonged exposure can cause sunburns—try cute kitty clothing as a shield!

Source: Diana_Lazartseva

Fruits and veggies

Cats may enjoy some fruits because of their pleasing scent or crunchy texture, but they usually detest the bitter taste of most vegetables. Check out safe fruits and veggies in the table below:




What’s safe?

How to serve?

Wash the fruits and dice them into bite-sized pieces (to prevent choking)

Cook the veggies and serve them mashed or diced

How much to serve?

1–2 pieces at a time

2–5 teaspoons or 1–2 cubes

Avoid giving your kitty citrus fruits like oranges or those with dense texture, such as coconuts—they will make your pet sick.

Remember that “safe fruits and veggies” only means they’re not toxic—cats shouldn’t eat vegan food regularly as it can destabilise their digestive system.

Grains and legumes

Although grains and legumes are added to cat food as fillers, they are not good for kitties. Rare servings of sweetcorn, rice, peanuts, chickpeas, etc., should be okay, but eating grains regularly can cause stomach sensitivity, constipation, and IBS. Some cats are also allergic to grains, which can manifest as a bad case of dermatitis in Sphynx kitties.

Since grains make stools hard, they are sometimes used as a home remedy to tame diarrhoea in felines who lose their appetite for regular cat food. A homemade, bland dish of chicken and rice is a more suitable option in such cases.

Sweets, seasoning, and everything in between

Here’s a general rule when sharing your snacks with your feline companion—anything too sweet, salty, or greasy is harmful.

Think of any random food, be it peanut butter, popcorn, honey, crisps, mayo, pasta, cake, or olive oil—they’re okay as tiny licks and bites only. Give them in excess, and you’re exposing your kitty to obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.

If a cat gags, regurgitates, or throws up after eating a particular snack, it’s better to avoid giving it in the future.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing or Shaun, the Sheep? Sphynx kitties were born to be fashionistas!

Source: aisling.diva

Harmful human food for Sphynx cats

Many human products can be dangerous for cats, including:

  1. Allium veggies
  2. Green potatoes and tomatoes
  3. Raw yeast
  4. Macadamia nuts
  5. Caffeine or chocolate
  6. Grapes, cherries, avocado, and plum
  7. Wild mushrooms

The best nutrition—what do Sphynx cats eat?

If your Sphynx kitty keeps craving human food, it could indicate inadequate nutrition. An ideal diet for cats should contain over 50% animal proteins, up to 20% fats, and under 3% carbs. Food with lower protein content is especially harmful to Sphynx cats and could lead to weak muscle tone, poor dental health, and unhealthy eating habits.

When planning meals for your Sphynx, pay attention to the:

  • Taurine content—Sphynx cats tend to develop hereditary cardiovascular diseases like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and myopathy when they get older. Taurine, an essential immunity-boosting amino acid found only in flesh and organ meat, is crucial for maintaining heart health in felines 
  • Meat source—Sphynx is a highly muscular breed with low body fat. To maintain their physique, they should eat lean meat like chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, and shrimp. High-fat meat (like beef and pork) isn’t particularly good for them
  • Calorie distribution—Hairless felines need more calories than other cats to stay warm, especially in winter. A Sphynx kitty’s servings should be 15%–30% larger than for other breeds, and you should ensure that 90% of their daily calories come from animal protein and fat

You don’t have to buy a customised Sphynx cat food as long as you give them a consistent diet of high-protein wet food with whole meat. Since Sphynx cats have vulnerable skin, you should feed them seafood at least twice a week. Fish and crustaceans contain omega-3 fatty acids that support the natural regeneration and hydration of their skin.

Dry food may be cheap, but vets don’t recommend it for any cat as it’s loaded with carbs and low in moisture, which increases the risk of FLUTDs like bladder stones and kidney failure.

What’s the best cat food for Sphynx in the UK? It’s all about whole meat and fish!

Image (c) Untamed

Untamed is the best wet food for Sphynx cats—here’s why!

If you are looking for the best cat food for your Sphynx, get them Untamed! Our cat-alogue includes gravy and jelly food made with more than 60% human-grade whole meat, fish, and organs. Untamed nutrient-dense meals are biologically appropriate and ensure your kitty feels full throughout the day, preventing odd cravings!

All our products are sugar- and grain-free, and we leave the subpar ingredients like animal derivatives and plant proteins out. Our dishes are:

  1. Protein-dense—We enrich your kitty’s diet with twice more protein than most store-bought products. Our food keeps your cat's muscles strong and nourishes their skin
  2. Allergen-free—We ditch artificial additives, taste enhancers, and all known allergens from our formulations. If your kitty has an extra-sensitive tummy, try our single-protein Chocka Chicken and Tuck-in Tuna meals
  3. Vet-designed—Vets have worked on our recipes to ensure your kitty gets adequate ratios of all crucial micronutrients like taurine and vitamin E
  4. Steamed—Our steaming method makes the meat tender, aromatic, and juicy while keeping the quality of ingredients intact
  5. Super yummy—We don’t take fussy kitties lightly because rejections hurt! Our food is made with fresh meat and natural ingredients that ensure the flavours hit the right notes every single time

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Kitties come in all shapes and sizes, but they all agree on one thing—Untamed has THE taste they crave!

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Sphynx or Siamese, we serve all!

Cats in the wild don’t eat age- or breed-specific food—it’s always real meat that makes them tick. That is why Untamed’s whole meat meals work for all kitties, whether they’re a hairless Sphynx, furry Persian, a massive Ragdoll, or a petite Siamese. Our formulas complement kittens, adults, and seniors, regardless of their circumstances (living indoors or outdoors), and can help with:

Our satisfied clients have shared the upsides of switching to our food, which perfectly summarise the benefits of the Untamed effect:

Period on Untamed

The Untamed effect

One week

  • Optimised digestion
  • A neat litter tray
  • Balanced hydration

Two to four months

Six months and up

  • Improved immune function
  • Easy weight management
  • Fewer sick days 
  • Happy disposition!

Instead of unhealthy human food, let your kitty try our Chocka Chicken spiced up with a tiny bit of ham—it’s the top meal for food connoisseurs!

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