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What is Untamed?

Untamed is a small business leading the cat food revolution. We were really unhappy with what other brands were putting in their cat food so we decided to fix it.

Untamed cat food is the best out there. We use fresh, human grade ingredients to ensure our feline friends can live happier, healthier lives.

How should I introduce Untamed?

Helping a cat to transition can be hard. We all know some cats can be fussy felines! Generally speaking, we recommend all our customers try out the trial box; it is perfectly sized to let cats wet their lips and includes some nice tips and a little transitioning guide.

How much Untamed should I feed my cat?

Every cat is different. We suggest going through our simple questionnaire to pick and choose which recipes best suit your cat's tastes!

In general, we would recommend starting with 2 tins a day for a 4 kg cat. 

You know your cat better than we do and remember to adjust if you are feeding wet, dry or treats. Also, remember to always have fresh drinking water available for them.

Can I feed Untamed to kittens or senior cats?

We don’t group our tins into specific ages so yes, you can definitely feed Untamed to both senior cats and kittens.

How often do you deliver?

We deliver on 28 day cycles. Our trial box is made to last 6-7 days after which you will get your first 28 day box. However, you can change delivery frequency in your account if you want!

Can I choose which recipes my cat gets?

Of course! Our trial boxes can include either gravy or jelly recipes and you can personalise your subscription box to include both in your account!

How do I get in touch with you?

Feel free to drop us a line via email, chat function, Instagram or Facebook. We usually reply within a day.

What are sleeves?

Find out all about sleeves [here].

Is the packaging recyclable?

Absolutely, we are also trying to limit our footprint for future generations of kittens! We are super proud to say that unlike pouches, our tins are made of aluminium or steel and can be recycled! 

What’s more, every piece of packaging is also recyclable - no plastic involved.

Why don’t you use pouches?

Cat food pouches are practically impossible to recycle (no matter what other companies say). We use tins instead because they are eco-friendly and can be recycled pretty much infinitely.

Something's not right with my delivery - what can I do?

Get in touch. We would love to help. We are available via email, chat or through social media!

Do you charge for delivery?

Nope! Its built into the price.

How does your delivery work?

Delivery is tracked and should be with you within 1 - 2 working days (depending on when it was ordered)

Do I have to be at home when my cat’s box is delivered?

No need! You can opt to have it left at your door or with someone you trust.

How are Untamed meals made?

Our food is made using fresh, human-grade meats.

We think our wildly delicious whole meats (such as tasty tuna steak, sumptuous salmon fillet and choice chicken breast) are the closest thing to nature you can feed your cat.

We gently steam cook our food to ensure better hygiene and digestibility without sacrificing nutritional quality.

Is Untamed grain free?

Yes it is! Cats are obligate carnivores. Grains don’t have a place in their diets

Is Untamed hypoallergenic?

All our recipes have been specifically formulated to be minimally processed and free from common allergens. For cats that are particularly sensitive, we recommend our single-protein-source recipes like Chocka Chicken and Tuck-in Tuna. If you have any questions, please reach out to us – we are always happy to help cat lovers.

Where are Untamed meals made?

After we outgrew our kitchens, we searched far and wide for the right partners to help us with our mission to improve the health of all cats.

Our recipes follow the same strict, high standards we applied when we started off in our personal kitchens. Our ingredients can be traced from source through the manufacturing process and we partner with specialist suppliers across Europe and South East Asia.

Our canning partner is based in Thailand and is one of the premier suppliers of canned tuna and chicken in the world. They produce food for humans and have been awarded a grade A certification by the British Retail Food Consortium in Food Safety – the global gold standard in human food production. Consequently, we are one of the very few companies which have this standard applied to our cat food!

Why do you only use human-grade ingredients?

Because our cats deserve better. The human grade, whole meats we use in our recipes are protein rich and highly digestible, meaning your cat can use more of the nutrients in the food. 

This is in contrast to big brand cat food, which is stuffed full of questionable ingredients like animal derivatives, vegetable proteins, sugars and fillers.

Is Untamed a nutritionally complete diet?

All our gravy recipes are complete which mean that they contain additional vitamins and nutrients for a complete and balanced diet. Our jelly recipes are complementary and are designed to be fed alongside your existing dry food or our gravy recipes.

Why do you add vitamins and minerals to your recipes?

We add Taurine and Vitamin E to all our recipes as these are the most important vitamins and minerals a cat needs and then we add a little extra to our gravy ranges to round them out.

Do I need to keep the food in the fridge/freezer?

Nope! Ideally the food would be stored somewhere cool and covered.

Should I heat up the food before I feed it to my cat?

Some of our clients do do this but you don’t have to. It helps release the scents a bit more but the extra hassle isn’t needed for most cats

My cat is overweight how should I feed him?

We recommend going through our questionnaire to get the best answer. 

Did you know that over 40% of cats today are overweight? If your cat falls in this category, we recommend not leaving food out (such as dry food) during the day and maybe limit their treats a bit!

How long does the food keep?

Each tin will have the expiry date printed on the bottom. Untamed products have a shelf life of three years from production.

How do you source your ingredients?

We use exclusively prime cuts such as tuna steak, chicken breast, and salmon fillet.

Is your fish dolphin safe?

Yes, all our fish is certified dolphin safe and sustainability fished.

How much food does each tin contain?

Each Untamed tin contains 75g of your feline friend’s new favourite food.

How much does it cost?

Pricing will depend on your meal plan. For your average 4kg cat eating two Untamed tins a day the daily price is £2. Less than the cost of your morning coffee!

What’s included in the trial box?

The trial box contains 12 Untamed tins as well as a booklet to welcome you to the Untamed revolution!

What is Untamed’s mission?

Our mission is to create extraordinary food that raises standards across the pet food industry.

Where does Untamed deliver?

At the moment we deliver to mainland England, Wales and Scotland, except for The Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Is Untamed raw?

No! We don’t see raw feeding as a negative thing but we gently steam cook our food to ensure better hygiene and digestibility without sacrificing nutritional quality. Untamed contains human grade whole meat, making it similar in ingredients to raw food

Can I make a one-off purchase?

At the moment you can only buy if you have an account (and have had a trial box delivered). If you wanted to, after your trial box you could cancel immediately after, we don’t mind!

What benefits can we expect from feeding Untamed?

More energy, shinier coat and a less smelly litter box are but a few of the benefits from feeding a diet rich in fresh, whole meat.

Check out the “Our Food” tab for more.

What’s the deal with animal derivatives?

Animal derivatives are, unfortunately, one of the most commonly used ingredients in cat food. It’s a catch-all term that can legally include low quality animal parts like hooves and beaks, which are poorly digested and low in nutrients. No matter where they fall on the ingredient list, we suggest you avoid them. At Untamed, we are committed to not using animal derivatives and we choose to exclusively use human-grade, nutritious whole meats so your cat can be healthier and happier.

How do I reschedule my next delivery?

We'll always give you the option to reschedule your next delivery. Here's how to do this:

1. Login to your account (via the 'Login' button in the top right corner)
2. Make sure you’re in the ‘Overview’ section (‘Overview’ should be underlined on the left-hand side)
3. Click on the underlined ‘Edit’ that is shown under ‘Dispatch Date’
4. From the calendar, select the date that you would like your subscription to renew, then click ‘Update'.
5. You should now see a small message in green saying ‘Dispatch Date Updated’, this means that your renewal date has successfully been updated 

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any point - no strings attached! You can do this via your account page using the instructions below:

1. Login to your account (via the 'Login' button in the top right corner)
2. Click on 'Account Details’ on the left hand side
3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on 'Cancel Subscription' on the lower right-hand side of the page
4. A message will pop up asking you why you're leaving, please select the reason that you're leaving and then finally click 'Cancel Subscription'
5. Your account should now say 'Subscription Inactive'

Our customer service team is available every day of the week for any queries or concerns that you may have.

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