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Loved by...

Jonathan & Stefan

Stefan is a new cat! His energy level is way higher and his weight is really healthy! I feel like Untamed has really improved our relationship. He loves his two feeds a day and is eager to eat. Thank you Untamed.

Arianna, Moana & Uri

Uri and Moana are like two different cats now that they eat Untamed. Their energy levels are way better and Moana's weight is finally under control (she was a bit overweight before)! I wish I had put them on the Untamed diet sooner because I love how it has affected them. Feeding time has become a ritual for bonding now.

Sara & Niki

I rescued Niki a few months ago and immediately put her on Untamed. They have the perfect kitten food for me, it’s high in protein, all real meat and full of superfoods. Niki is growing really strong and I can’t wait to transition her onto all their other flavours when she grows up. My vet recommended it to me and I haven't looked back since!

Joanne & Loki

Loki has always had regular urinary infections and we were told by the vet to use foods specific to his condition. He’s never really liked them unfortunately and when he stopped eating them recently we really struggled to find a good replacement. He’s been on Untamed for a little over a month now and even the vet has noticed a big improvement. He’s also more energetic and happier!