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Sian the cat
Sian the cat
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Let's get cooking

When word got out, all of Ben’s friends wanted a piece of the action. But he only had one pair of hands, and a limited supply of pans, so along with fellow cat parents Lenny and Marco, they quit their jobs in the city and set their sights on cat food. Long hours staring at excel spreadsheets became even longer hours in the kitchen. Before long, the team was cooking up a storm for cats far and wide – and so Untamed, was born.

Untamed: Leaf Graphic 4 The Untamed Team
The Untamed team:
Ben, Lenny & Marco

Cat food with nothing to hide

We've since outgrown the home kitchen but we still use those same simple recipes and are proud to say Untamed is the closest thing to a natural diet your cat can eat. Prime cuts of human grade whole meats, like tuna steak, salmon and mackerel fillet, chicken breast and chicken liver, gently steam cooked to lock in nutrients and moisture.

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Untamed Recipes
Ben & Lenny
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Vegetation for your cat

A life-long mission

But we're not stopping there. We're on a mission to raise standards across the industry. So every cat gets the food they deserve. Are you ready to join the Untamed revolution?

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