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The ultimate kitten checklist—preparation is key

There’s nothing more exciting than bringing home a new kitten—they’re playful, fun to be around, and outright adorable.

You may get overexcited and forget to purchase some essential items a little kitty needs, though, so it’s helpful to have a detailed kitten checklist to follow.

Go through this kitten shopping list to ensure your new friend is comfortable in their new home, and get all the kitten facts you need here!

Start with the following items:

  1. Cat litter and litter box
  2. Food and water bowls
  3. Cat bed
  4. Toys
  5. Scratcher
  6. Cat carrier
  7. Cat tree
  8. Cleaning supplies
  9. Brush or comb
  10. Cat food

You’d better get me some nice things… or else!

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Start your kitten shopping with cat litter and a litter tray

Cat litter is essential, but there are several options on the market—so which one should you get?

Scented litter boxes may seem like the best choice right off the bat, but keep in mind that most cats prefer them unscented. If there are no distracting scents around the box, your kitty won’t be hesitant to approach and will have an easier time learning how to use it. Cats have incredibly sensitive noses, so the less smell, the better.

Kittens usually don’t take long to figure out where they should do their business, so once you find a good spot for the tray, keep it there. Domesticated felines are creatures of habit, so moving things away from their usual place might cause confusion, especially in kittens.

Once you bring your new kitty home, place them inside the litter tray and allow them to sniff around and get familiar with it. Over the next few days, you should put them in there right after each meal and nap. Do this as well if you notice your kitten crouching or sniffing around—this may be a sign that they need to go.

When they use the litter tray successfully, reward them with a treat—it will reinforce the good behaviour. In case they fail to use it, do not punish them. It could only stress them out.

New kitten essentials—food and water bowls

You can get small bowls initially to make it easier for your kitten to eat. As they develop into an adult cat, you can switch to larger dishes.

It’s best to keep the food and water bowls at different spots in your home. Cats usually don’t like to drink water near their food source.

If you want to go one step further, you could also get a water fountain to encourage your kitty to stay hydrated, but this isn’t a necessity, provided you feed them high-quality food with enough moisture.

Get that water bowl away from my food, hooman!

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Adding a cat bed to the kitten list

A cat bed is optional but nice to have. Your feline friend will enjoy having a personal cosy spot where they can relax and nap all day.

Don’t think that getting your kitten a bed will prevent them from jumping into yours and snuggling up to you, though!

Toys are a must on your kitten supply list!

Kittens love toys, so get a basket full of them if you want to prevent your couch, pillows, or fingers from becoming cat playthings.

Experiment with different items to see which ones your new kitty likes the most. You can make no mistake with feathered toys—cats of all ages love them—and those with catnip inside.

Your kitten will probably fall in love with anything that has bells or squeakers, but you should consider the level of noise you’re comfortable with because kittens are restless!

Your kitten shopping list has to contain a scratcher

While your little furball may be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, they can also wreak havoc with their not-so-sweet claws. If you don’t get a scratching post, your kitten will turn your rug, couch, pillow, blanket, or drape into a personal scratcher.

Scratching is a natural behaviour that helps your feline release stress, file their claws, and mark their territory, so you shouldn’t try to prevent them from following this instinct. You should reward them occasionally when they use the scratching post in place of your furniture to show them what type of behaviour is favoured.

All this scratching got me tired… But I will be back on my feet soon, beware!!

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A new kitten needs a cat carrier

Even if you don’t plan to travel with your feline furball, you should buy a cat carrier because you’ll have to take them to vet appointments.

Kittens may be intimidated by cat carriers at first, but you should encourage them to explore the space and give them treats as positive reinforcement.

Choose a carrier with inside padding and good ventilation.

If travelling, you could also use a leash and a harness—yes, you can train them to walk on it—or a cat backpack.

Allow your furball to spy on you from above

Although not necessary, cat trees are an excellent item to have for your young feline. Cats love observing the world from a height, as it makes them feel safe. They also enjoy jumping and climbing, so a cat tree can be your furry friend’s little gym. You could also get a window perch because felines like to monitor the outside world.

Cleaning supplies for oopsies are a must on your new kitten shopping list

Before your kitten is fully trained to use the litter box, accidents will happen. Having pet-safe cleaning supplies on hand will spare you a few smelly headaches.

Enzymatic cleaning products are your best bet as they’re the most effective for cat urine and poo clean-up.

Avoid detangling nightmares with a brush or comb

Short-haired cats can go by with weekly brushing, whereas long-haired felines may require daily sessions. Whatever your kitten’s hair is like, you should incorporate brushing into your feline’s care routine. It promotes healthy skin, removes any dead hair, and ensures that they’re tangle-free.

Kittens usually enjoy being brushed, but you should allow them some time to get familiar with this new, strange-looking tool. Let them sniff it and give them a treat to make the first impression pleasant.

You should avoid any sensitive areas and make the sessions short until your kitty gets used to the sensation.

No, no! No need for that strange human device! We can groom ourselves without it, look!!

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Cat food—the essential item on your kitten supplies list

As soon as a kitten separates from their mother and starts weaning, meat should be introduced to their diet.

Cats are obligate carnivores who thrive on meat and meat only, so it’s crucial to find kitten food with high-quality:

  1. Animal protein
  2. Animal fat

Animal protein

Meat and fish are crucial cat food ingredients. Meat is the only source of essential amino acids —such as taurine, lysine, and arginine—that kittens need to properly develop.

Some of the best protein sources for your feline furball are:

On occasion, they can also have:

Vegetable proteins are a lacklustre replacement, so you should avoid any cat food that has:

Cat food should consist of at least 50% animal protein.

Animal fat

High-quality gravy and jelly meals contain animal fat because it’s the primary source of fatty acids crucial for:

  • Cell structure
  • Skin and coat health
  • Normal organ function
  • Inflammatory response regulation

It also gives cat food an irresistible taste! Keep in mind that fat shouldn’t exceed 20% of your feline’s daily food intake.

Carbs and kittens make a terrible match

Carbs (sugar, grains, fruit, vegetables) should be avoided as they can cause health issues, such as obesity, diabetes, plaque build-up, diarrhoea, and bladder troubles. Many popular human treats and snacks are on the no-no list for kittens because they are high in carbs or even toxic to cats. Never give the following to your feline companion:

Avoid any product with more than 3% carbohydrates.

How to choose kitten food

You can choose between wet and dry cat food. Wet meals are a better option because they usually contain fewer carbs and more lean meat. The meal schedule depends on your kitten’s current developmental stage! Knowing what, how much, and how often you should feed your little kitty is crucial to help them grow at a healthy rate.

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