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Kitten sleeping habits 101

In the first few weeks of your new kitty’s life, they will sleep approximately 90% of the time, which amounts to about 22 hours a day. They don’t have much energy when they’re tiny, so getting a lot of sleep is essential for their development.

Most new kitten parents expect their baby felines to be jolly and energetic from day one, but your kitty needs some time to develop their senses. It doesn’t take too long—your little furball will start jumping, scratching, biting, and licking anything they find amusing before you know it!

Get all the facts about kitten sleeping habits here to monitor and support your feline companion’s growth and development!

What do you want, hooman? Let me sleep!

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How much sleep does a kitten need?

Sleeping between 16 and 20 hours a day is normal for a kitty up to two months old. As they get older, they sleep less, but there’s no drastic difference—your feline will be snoozing up to 18 hours a day when they’re three months and beyond.

Part of looking after your kitten is allowing them the beauty sleep they need. Interrupting them may cause confusion and odd behaviour.

If you think your kitten sleeps way too much or too little, reach out to your vet to address any concerns.

Is your furball too energetic? Here’s how to get a kitten to sleep

Kittens don’t always sleep through the night as felines are partly nocturnal animals. Your kitty may be wide-awake in the middle of the night during their first few days in your household, which is completely normal. Allow them some time to settle in and adjust to the new environment.

You can help your kitty sleep through the night in this transition period by:

  1. Ensuring they’re active throughout the day
  2. Comforting them with a familiar object

Daytime activity is crucial if you want to have a sleepy kitten at the end of the day

Exercise and mental stimulation are essential for kitties of all ages. They get to release their energy on something productive, and it prevents them from indulging in destructive behaviour, like attacking your furniture or roaming at night.

Introducing daytime activities can help you and your little furball sleep through the night peacefully. You could:

  • Direct your kitten’s energy—A LED laser must be on your kitten checklist! Have your kitty chase the target until they’re exhausted. Point the laser at a treat now and then to reward them for “catching the prey” and ensure they don’t form an obsessive behavioural disorder, such as shadow chasing. Don’t overstimulate your kitten during training because they may get aggressive and restless
  • Get your kitten a feeding toy—Feeding toys with hidden treats are excellent for mental stimulation. Your furry friend will need to work their way to the prize, which will get them tired and sleepy

What is this?? Must. Destroy. NOW!

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Give your kitty something they’re familiar with

Your little feline may be unable to fall asleep because they’re stressed or anxious. Giving them a familiar and comforting object could put them at ease. This could be their favourite toy or blanket.

Where should a kitten sleep?

Your kitty needs a warm and cosy place to sleep in. They may have trouble falling asleep if they’re cold or uncomfortable.

Here’s how you can make your feline’s sleeping spot comfy and safe:



Remove anything hazardous from the room

This includes poisonous plants and fireplaces. If you decide to put potentially dangerous objects in a cupboard, make sure your kitten can’t reach them in case they become curious

Keep all windows closed

Felines are curious creatures, and they want to explore the world. Keeping your windows closed prevents them from getting out and potentially harming themselves

Position their litter tray and food and water bowls properly

Cats don’t like their litter tray anywhere near their food bowl, so place them in two opposite corners of the room. Keep the water and bowls separated as well

Put a cardboard box in the room

Place it on the side and put a soft blanket inside. Your kitten will enjoy having a hiding spot whenever they feel anxious

Get a scratching post

All felines love sharpening their claws as it prevents the nails from splitting and breaking and helps kittens release energy. Getting a scratching post is a must if you don’t want your kitten to use your couch as a scratcher

Leave some toys in the room

Your kitten can release that extra energy if they have toys readily available. Keep their favourite plaything close to them because it provides comfort and entertainment

You can get your kitten a cat bed, but you will have to size up as they develop into an adult feline.

Snoozin’ all day long.

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Should I let my kitten sleep with me?

Baby felines should sleep alone because it helps them develop independence. During the first few days, you can have them snooze next to your bed, but allowing them in it may not be the best idea.

Kitties often wake up in the middle of the night and love to pounce on anything that moves, which may prevent you from getting any sleep.

Waiting for your little furball to mature and learn how to use the litter tray before snuggling with them in your bed will benefit you and your feline companion.

What else can I do to make my kitten get some quality sleep?

Kitties usually fall asleep after a meal. You could change your feeding schedule to make your little furball sleepy at bedtime. Give them dinner later in the evening, or add an extra healthy snack to the schedule right before sleep.

Keep your kitten’s calorie intake in check, though—high-calorie meals may cause insomnia. They may also become overweight if this turns into regular practice, so a weight chart for kittens will help you identify whether your kitty is within a normal range for their age.

What kind of food should I feed my kitten?

For easy energy management, your kitten should eat high-quality, nutritious food that helps them properly develop into adult felines and keeps them happy and healthy. Choosing the right type of cat or kitten food may be tricky because there are plenty of options on the market, but it becomes easy when you understand the basics of feline nutrition.

Felines are obligate carnivores, so they thrive on meat, which they should start consuming as soon as they separate from their mothers. Vegan diets don’t cut the mustard as vegetable proteins have low nutritional values. The optimal solution for your kitty is wet food with over 50% animal protein, ideally derived from:

You should also learn what, how often, and how much your kitten should eat to stay healthy.

Stay. Away. From. MY!!! Food.

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Is dry food bad for my kitten?

You can mix dry with wet food, but don’t put your kitty on a kibble-only diet. It’s high in calories and contains too many carbohydrates, so it isn’t optimal for your kitten.

A high-carb cat diet can make your kitty develop obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal troubles, bladder stones, and UTIs. It could also contribute to unhealthy eating habits like gorging and overeating.

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