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Silver Siberian cat—a rare and beautiful variant

Most people know that Siberians come in numerous colours and patterns, but a silver Siberian is one of the rarest shades. We will explain what causes the silver shade, present different types of silver Siberian cats, and talk about their temperament. You will also learn how to care for these beautiful kitties so they live a long and happy life.

What causes the silver shade?

The silver colouration in Siberian cats is caused by the Melanin inhibitor (Symbol I) gene. As the name suggests, this gene inhibits the formation of melanin in not highly-pigmented coat areas. Those include the agouti areas (where hairs have more than one band of pigmentation) between the tabby patterns and the proximal parts of the hair. The distal portion of the hair and the stripes of the tabby pattern retain the colour while the ground shade becomes a beautiful shimmery silver.

In the case of a solid silver Siberian, this gene turns the base of the hair into a paler shade. Those kitties are known as smoke Siberian cats.

What are the different types of silver Siberian cats?

There are a few types of silver Siberian cats, and they are all equally stunning.

Source: Lydia Koh

There are several patterns of Siberian cats’ fur, but the silver ones only come in three:

  1. Chinchilla—Chinchilla Siberians have a light undercoat with darker tips on the fur of the tail, legs, back, head, and flanks. This pattern is pretty rare and creates a shimmery effect
  2. Shaded—Shaded Siberians have a shimmery effect on their coat like the chinchillas but are much darker. They usually have a white or light cream undercoat and darker mantle on the tail, sides, and face
  3. Tabby—Siberians with a tabby pattern have clearly defined markings in various shades and shapes on their legs, tails, chests, and necks that resemble circles, as well as lines down the head and back. They also have an M-shaped mark on their head

According to the Cat Fancier's Association, these three patterns can come in a few colour combinations as well. Check out the table below for details:

Colour & pattern


Shaded silver

  • A white undercoat
  • A mantle of black hair tips on the sides, face, and tail
  • Silver shaft
  • Darker coat overall

Chinchilla silver

  • A pure white undercoat
  • Black tips on the flanks, tail, back, and head
  • Silver shaft

Silver tabby

  • Pale, silver ground colour
  • Dense, black markings

Silver patched tabby

  • Pale silver ground colour
  • Black, red, or cream tabby markings on the body and extremities

Blue-silver tabby

  • Pale silver ground colour
  • Deep blue markings

Blue-silver patched tabby

  • Pale silver ground shade
  • Deep blue markings
  • Patches of cream fur on the body and extremities

Does a shade affect a feline's personality?

My shade only makes me prettier than others. They say I’m more full of myself, but that’s just jealousy talking.

Source: Piotr Musioł

A study conducted at Berkeley characterised white, black, and tri-coloured cats as less friendly than orange and bi-coloured ones. The study also showed that white felines are considered lazier, calmer, and shier than others. Tortoiseshell kitties were found to be more intolerant but easily trainable, while black ones had no extreme character traits. It is crucial to remember that all of this is only human perception.

There is no concrete scientific evidence that a shade of the fur affects a cat's personality. When picking a kitty to adopt, you should only consider their breed. That and their upbringing are the only solid determinants of their character.

Is a silver Siberian cat a good choice?

Whatever colour or pattern you prefer, before you decide to bring a Siberian cat into your home, consider their:

  1. Temperament
  2. Grooming needs
  3. Dietary requirements

Silver Siberian cat personality

Siberian cats remain kittens much longer than other breeds. It can take them up to five years to reach full maturity, so they stay playful and energetic for a long time. That makes them fun to be around, but it is also something to consider if you don't have enough time on your hands to give your new kitty the attention they require.

Siberians need at least half an hour of your time every day for playing and training. You also have to provide them with interactive toys, a sturdy cat tree, and a large enough scratching post, so they can have fun even when you are not around. Keep in mind that Siberians are large and strong cats, so they need a cat tree that can withstand their weight.

Give your Siberian kitty the attention they need, and they will be the best companions ever. These kitties are lovable, sociable, and form a strong connection with their cat parents but are also friendly with everyone. They love to meet new people, play with kids, and enjoy the company of other felines and well-behaved dogs.

Siberian cats are also quiet and docile. Their meowing resembles a chirp and is the ultimate sign of happiness. Despite their prolonged immaturity, these felines are exceptionally easy to train. They are intelligent and learn quickly, so teaching them tricks, fun games, and manners should be a walk in the park.

Siberian cat grooming needs

I’m gorgeous, cuddly, playful, and easy to groom. What more can you wish for?

Source: Piotr Musioł

Although Siberian cats have long fur, they don't shed excessively and are easy to groom. 

Here is what the ritual should consist of:

  • Brush your cat once or twice a week—A Siberian cat's fur doesn't mat or tangle much, so you won't struggle with brushing
  • Bathe them every six to eight weeks—Siberian cats typically love water, so you may have problems keeping them out of it. Frequent bathing can cause dry skin, so try to limit their time spent swimming or playing in the water
  • Clip their nails—Trim your Siberian's nails using special nail clippers when necessary but cut only the tip of the claw
  • Brush your kitty's teeth as often as possible—Cleaning your Siberin's teeth every day is advisable. These cats are generally healthy but prone to dental issues. Tartar buildup on their teeth can cause gum inflammation, leading to bacterial and viral infections, which can spread to other organs and result in severe problems if left untreated

The best part is that Siberian cats produce less Fel d 1 protein (the prevalent cause of cat allergies in people) than most other breeds. They also shed moderately, so they can be great companions for cat allergy sufferers. While no cat is entirely hypoallergenic, kitties with a lower concentration of Fel d 1 in their saliva and urine tend to cause less severe reactions in humans.

Dietary requirements

Silver, white, or brown, all felines have the same dietary needs.

Image (c) Untamed

Siberian cats are large felines and need substantial portions of high-quality food. Your Siberian's diet should offer high-protein meals with sufficient amounts of fat and little or no carbs.

Whether you pick wet food, kibble, a combination of the two, or another type of cat food, you must ensure that it contains the correct protein-to-fat ratio. Here is what a balanced diet for your feline friend should look like:


Ideal percentage

Why is it good?

The best sources

Animal protein

At least 50%

  • The primary energy source
  • The best source of essential amino acids (taurine and arginine) necessary for:
    • Brain function
    • Foetal development
    • Coat and skin health
    • Normal organ function

Animal fat

Not more than 20%

  • Delivers healthy fatty acids that help with:
    • Inflammation
    • Metabolism
    • Cell integrity
    • Immune system
    • Skin and coat hydration
  • Ensures great taste


Less than 3%

Cats can’t properly digest grains, fruit, and vegetables, but if your Siberian cat suffers from constipation or inflammatory bowel disease, a dash of fibre in their meals might help

Felines can safely consume tiny portions of:

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Ordering Untamed for your silver Siberian

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