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Is a Russian Blue hypoallergenic? A safety guide for allergy sufferers

Knowing whether a Russian Blue is hypoallergenic is vital if you’re set on adopting a kitty from this charming breed but struggle with cat allergies. You should also be aware of the basic life hacks that make life easier for cat parents who are big-time allergy sufferers. Our guide will help you navigate essential questions regarding this breed, including:

  • Do Russian Blue cats cause allergies in humans?
  • How do you live with a Russian Blue cat and pet allergies?
  • What cat food and lifestyle choices minimise allergen-carrying dander?

Are Russian Blue cats hypoallergenic?

Keep in mind that all cats produce Fel d 1—a glycoprotein responsible for allergic reactions in humans. It is found in quantities of five to as much as 2,000 micrograms per gram of a cat’s saliva, fur, urine, poo, dead skin, mucous, and other bodily secretions. Fel d 1 is the second most common indoor allergen (after dust mites) that triggers respiratory distress.

A cat’s hypoallergenic status depends on the amount of allergen they secrete. Luckily, Russian Blue produce a little Fel d 1 due to their genetic makeup, making them one of the few breeds that can be classified as almost hypoallergenic. While there are no completely hypoallergenic felines, the following breeds may also be suitable companions for allergic people:

Note that the level of Fel d 1 production is a genetic trait unique to each breed. Cats like Korat, British Blue, and Nebelung exude this common allergen despite being quite similar to Russian Blues in appearance.

How I sleep knowing I’m one of the precious few hypoallergenic breeds out there. Who can resist me now?

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Can you be allergic to Russian Blue cats?

Most people with cat allergies barely experience allergic reactions to a purebred Russian Blue. They may get the occasional bout of itching or sneezing after an aggressive cuddle or licking session, but nothing too serious. While these cats may be near hypoallergenic, your response to a breed may vary because of:

  1. Extreme allergies—People with extreme cat allergies can experience severe symptoms upon exposure to a Russian Blue (cough, hives, wheezing, asthma, and even anaphylaxis), which will be unmanageable on a day-to-day basis
  2. Sensitivity to other cat allergens—Your Russian Blue cat allergy would be acute if you’re a part of the small group of people allergic to the seven other cat allergens, Fel d 2–8
  3. Seasonal shifts—Many people have a spike in allergic reactions to Russian Blues during early spring and fall when they shed their coats. The heightened sensitivity may come from pollen during those times, which further stresses the immune system of allergy sufferers
  4. Sterilisation status of a cat—According to studies, intact adult male cats produce more allergens than neutered males and females. In case you’re getting a Russian Blue male, it’s better to have them fixed

Remember that Russian Blues get fiercely attached to their humans. Before you adopt one—purebred or mix—ask the breeder or the shelter to allow you a few sessions with the kitty to check your allergic sensitivity before committing.

Russian Blue cats and allergy sufferers—how to coexist in harmony?

Once you’ve decided to get a Russian Blue, you should sort out three crucial aspects of managing allergic reactions to cats:

  1. Personal precautions
  2. Environmental safety measures
  3. Feline grooming and nutrition

There are days when I really need brushing and days when I’d do anything to spend time with my hooman.

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Personal precautions while raising hypoallergenic cats like Russian Blues

You can limit your exposure to Fel d 1 further by following these tips:

  1. Train your Russian Blue not to lick you
  2. Avoid contact with your face, eyes, and nose after touching your kitty—keep allergen wipes close
  3. Ask a non-allergic family member or housemate to empty the litter box
  4. Use a mask and gloves while gardening if your Russian Blue does their business outside

Here are some treatment plans for managing occasional allergy flare-ups:





Blocks histamine production

  • Inhibits mild symptoms
  • May cause drowsiness

Nasal steroid

Reduces nasal inflammation

  • Treats nasal symptoms only
  • Tends to irritate the mouth and throat

Allergy shot

Increases helpful antibodies

  • Is effective over time after several shots
  • Can help build a tolerance to allergens

If you have severe cat allergies, keep anti-allergy meds or epinephrine auto-injectors close and avoid contact with breeds like Maine Coons, Ragdolls, and Persians because they produce a lot of Fel d 1.

Minimise Russian Blue cat allergies by keeping your house clean

Russian Blue cats living indoors don’t release high levels of Fel d 1, but you must keep your living space free from allergens:



  • Get HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters that remove airborne pollen, pet dander, and dust
  • Vacuum every day and use machines with HEPA filters
  • Use dust-free cat litter
  • Cover furniture with washable throws during shedding seasons
  • Avoid using ceiling fans during shedding seasons, especially in rooms where your Russian Blue hangs out the most
  • Don’t keep toys and wall hangings with multiple nooks and crannies (they are known to collect dust and allergens over time)

I asked for a new toy, hooman—not a creepy, growly motor monster!

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Grooming and nutrition tips to help allergy sufferers

The key to managing cat allergies is minimising your exposure to cat dander, which includes fur and dead skin. Here's how to do it efficiently:

  1. A meticulous grooming regimen—Russian Blues should be brushed once a week, but you can increase the frequency during shedding seasons. Bathe them when their coat seems too messy. Use gloves and a mask or take your feline to a grooming salon to get their coat and teeth cleaned
  2. A balanced nutrition plan—A Russian Blue needs a high-protein diet to have a strong coat and healthy skin, which will reduce the dander. Their daily meals should also be infused with micronutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E (found in chicken, turkey, salmon, etc.) that naturally improve fur thickness and prevent unnatural breakage

You’ll be exposed to more allergens if your kitty sheds excessively or suffers from frequent bouts of diarrhoea and vomiting due to poor gastrointestinal health. Some products that trigger these health issues include:

How to provide adequate nutrition to a Russian Blue

Your furry friend will be healthy and happy if they stick to their natural feeding patterns. Wet food is the best option for Russian Blues because it usually has more than 50% whole meat or fish. It is also hydrating, easy to digest, and delivers all essential nutrients in the necessary amounts. Despite wet food's positive reputation, it's essential to pay attention to the ingredients list on the product. Some may contain subpar components, such as:

Products with low-quality proteins will eventually make your Russian Blue shed and provoke serious health problems like malnutrition, weight imbalances, diabetes, and inappetence. If you want to ensure the long-term health of your kitty, choose Untamed. Our gravy and jelly food is made with 60%–63% taurine-rich whole meat and does wonders in minimising dander. Untamed meals are designed in collaboration with vets to:

  1. Promote optimum hydration and nourishment—No peeling skin or unnatural shedding
  2. Maintain gastrointestinal health—Preventing bouts of throwing up and other conditions like retching, constipation, and IBS
  3. Support cats with sensitive tummies—Untamed products are made with hypoallergenic ingredients, so they work well for Russian Blue kittens and senior cats with frail disposition

Our meals contain two times more protein than the industry average and are free from vegan or heavily processed ingredients.

Dreading the dander? Whole meat is your kitty’s first line of defence!

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Untamed—an irresistible feast for Russian Blue cats!

Untamed is not only about health. Our meals meet the number one requirement for feline approval—taste! We have tested our dishes on cats of all breeds and temperaments to ensure our wet food is never sidelined by picky eaters. We use human-grade meat for our products and steam it gently to keep the taste, aroma, and texture.

We don’t compromise the quality with added sugars, grains, harsh preservatives, and taste enhancers! If your Russian Blue likes variety, we can win them over with our impressive menu, where they'll find chicken, liver, tuna, shrimp, sardines, ham, salmon, and duck.

Take the Untamed TRY NOW quiz to inform us about your Russian Blue’s taste preferences, allergies, and potential health risks. You can order our trial cat food box online and check out how your kitty responds to our meals!

Aim for sustainable feline healthcare with Untamed

Our whole meat products meet the dietary needs of cats of all breeds, sizes, and life stages. If you want a kitten to achieve their ideal weight, our protein-packed meals will strengthen them without stressing their tummy. That’s far better than feeding them kibbles that cause weight gain without contributing to muscle development.

Untamed is perfect for managing weight in adult and senior cats. When fed in the right portions, our grain-free and moisture-rich meals can prevent various feline illnesses like diabetes, UTIs, bladder stones, and obesity.

Subscribing to Untamed entails numerous health benefits for your Russian Blue! Here’s what our clients say about the famous Untamed effect:


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  • No weird shedding or frequent hairballs
  • Plush coat and moisturised skin
  • Dense bones and strong muscles

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