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What’s the best food for Russian Blue kittens

Russian Blues are a mild-tempered and loyal breed with a regal lineage. It’s believed the silver-coated feline descended from the royal pets of the Russian imperial court. With such a noble background, they deserve the best food for Russian Blue kittens. We’ll help you put together a splendid feast for your kitty! Untamed explores common ailments that affect the breed and how they determine the type of food Russian Blues should eat.

Get all the kitten facts you need here!

What should I know before picking Russian Blue cat food?

The Russian Blue is a sturdy breed with a life expectancy of 15–20 years. Like most pedigree cats, this silver-coated feline is genetically predisposed to certain disorders. That’s why you should be careful about their food.

An imbalanced diet could contribute to the onset of particular hereditary diseases and jeopardise your cat’s longevity. 

Which ailments are most likely to trouble the regal Russian Blue? The breed is susceptible to the following health problems:

  1. Obesity
  2. Diabetes
  3. Renal disease 


Russian Blues are known for being voracious eaters. The breed’s insatiable appetite makes them prone to obesity, a nutritional disorder that can shave off two to three years from the average life span. The excess fat puts a strain on your cat’s body, causing various health problems, including:

  • Metabolic disorders 
  • Urinary tract disease
  • Hypertension
  • Osteoarthritis and joint deformities

Start promoting healthy eating habits from day one to preempt your pet’s gluttonous ways. Opt for scheduled meals instead of free-feeding. Keep track of your kitty’s weight development via daily weighing sessions since their body weight will help you determine how much to feed them.

Most importantly, look for Russian Blue cat food with the appropriate calorie count. You shouldn’t go over the recommended daily intake for kittens, depicted in the table below:

Kitten weight

Recommended calorie intake

100 g

31 kcal

200 g

52 kcal

300 g

88 kcal

400 g

104 kcal

900 g

162 kcal

1.4 kg

225 kcal

1.8 kg

272 kcal

2.3 kg

327 kcal

2.7 kg

369 kcal

3.2 kg

419 kcal

3.6 kg

457 kcal

4.1 kg

504 kcal

4.5 kg

541 kcal

A low-carb diet and exercise will keep your hungry kitty healthy!

Source: @cotoshouse


Veterinarians are yet to determine the exact cause of diabetes in felines, but some contributing factors include:

  1. Genetics
  2. Obesity
  3. Nutritional imbalance
  4. Hormonal disorders
  5. Sedentary lifestyle 
  6. Old age

Since Russian Blues can have weight issues, they are a risk group for type II diabetes

To prevent your cat from becoming hyperglycemic, avoid products that have too many carbs. Multiple studies have linked high-carbohydrate diets to feline obesity and the subsequent onset of diabetes mellitus. 

Cats have low glucokinase (GCK) activity in their metabolism, a biochemical consequence of their all-meat diet. Without the enzyme, they’re unable to regulate blood glucose levels efficiently. Frequent consumption of sugary foods can overwhelm the pancreas and increase the chances of feline diabetes. 

Who needs sugar when you’re this cute?

Source: @chupeeva_olga

Renal disease 

Most cats develop renal diseases as they age, but Russian Blues are more susceptible to it as a breed. Elderly felines aren’t the only risk group since kittens can sometimes be born with impaired kidneys. 

When not congenital, kidney disease can be brought upon by poor nutrition, poisoning, hypertension, advanced dental disease, and thyroid problems.

Although the chronic condition is irreversible, your pet can have a comfortable life if you catch it early on. The symptoms of acute kidney failure include:

You can keep your cat’s kidneys healthy and prevent renal deterioration with dietary adjustments. Find Russian Blue cat food high in moisture and low in phosphorus and sodium. Also, encourage your kitten to drink plenty of fresh water from the start.

Which nutrients does my Russian Blue kitten need?

Your Russian Blue kitten needs meat-based meals with:

  1. Animal protein—Protein is the driving force behind your kitty’s development. The essential macronutrient is responsible for all major bodily processes, including tissue formation, muscle growth, and organ function. Animal protein is also the only viable source of amino acids (most importantly taurine) that supports your kitten’s eyes, brain, and heart function
  2. Fat—Polyunsaturated fats in fish, chicken, and turkey will maintain the signature silvery glow of your kitten’s fur. The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties and help with wound regeneration. Keep in mind that saturated fats in pork, bacon, nuts, and other fatty foods aren’t beneficial
  3. Moisture—Russian Blues need plenty of moisture to support healthy kidney function throughout their development. Water is crucial for digestion, blood circulation, nutrient absorption, and urinary tract health. You should encourage your kitten to drink plenty of fluids but also make sure their meals are hydrating
  4. Calcium—Growing kittens need calcium to sustain their bone and teeth development. Other important micronutrients include magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and vitamin A. Your kitty should get bioavailable minerals and vitamins from meat, so there’s no need for dietary supplements (unless they’re vet-prescribed)

So, what’s the best Russian Blue food?

Time for dinner!

Source: @russianbluescatteryvelvetpride

If your Russian Blue kitten is still nursing, they don’t require any nourishment except breast milk. Foster kitties separated from their litter should drink a special milk replacer formula (KMR) instead.

Once your kitten is ready to wean, you should start them on a wet food diet. Semi-moist and wet meals are a better fit for your Russian Blue because of the protein to carb ratio. Wet products typically have a low percentage of carbs, especially in comparison to kibble

Dry food is made with a mixture of ground meat and starches, mostly green peas, corn, rice, cereals, or sweet potatoes. The bulky ingredients significantly increase the calorie score but add no biological value. 

A dry-food diet is also bad for the kidneys due to the lack of moisture. On average, kibble contains around 10% water, while wet food has approximately 70%.

If your kitten refuses to try wet food, you should correct the fussy behaviour. Try the following tips:

Untamed—the best choice for your Russian Blue

Untamed is a proponent of a meat-exclusive diet that will nourish your cat and safeguard their health. Our products are hydrating and sugar-free, thus perfect for the voracious Russian Blue! Your kitten will thrive in the Untamed clowder, feasting on premium food that’s:

  1. Rich in protein
  2. Made with whole meat
  3. Vet-formulated
  4. Ethically produced

High in protein

We make sure each serving contains twice the amount of protein compared to the industry standard. Instead of vegetables, grain fillers, or other useless bulk, the protein in our food is sourced from animal tissue. 

Our high-quality wet food is also free of preservatives, sugar, and all known allergens. If your Russian Blue kitten is particularly sensitive, we offer two single-source-protein recipes—Chocka Chicken in Jelly and Tuck-in Tuna in Jelly!

Made with whole meat

The meat cuts we use for all our products are of human-grade quality:

  • Chicken breast 
  • Chicken liver
  • Duck breast
  • Salmon fillet
  • Tuna steak
  • Sardine and mackerel fillet

Our whole meat is naturally high in essential amino acids (like taurine and arginine), delivering all the nutrients your cat would get from freshly slaughtered prey.


Each exciting recipe was made with the help of veterinarians to best meet your cat’s needs. We strived to recreate the feline natural diet as closely as possible, ensuring each serving has the ideal nutrient ratio. Our food is fit for cats of all ages and breeds!

Ethically produced

Untamed is a 100% Carbon Neutral Certified business with sustainable means of production. Instead of pouches, we pack our delicious food in tins made from recyclable material.

Our high-quality meat cuts are sustainably farmed, and our tuna is 100% dolphin-safe! We take our Planet Pledge seriously and work hard to create a better world for our feline friends and us.

What’s on the menu? 

You can select from a wide range of poultry and seafood meals in gravy and jelly. All you have to do is take a quick-and-easy online quiz and make a tailor-made meal box! Here’s what you can serve at a royal banquet for your Russian Blue:

Our menu


Chocka Chicken in Jelly

Tender chicken breast soaked in natural jelly 

Chocka Chicken with Duck in Jelly

Fresh chicken breast and rich duck meat, served in delicious jelly

Chocka Chicken with Ham in Gravy

Juicy chicken breast gently cooked in mouth-watering gravy with a hint of ham 

Chocka Chicken in Gravy

Shredded chicken breast simmered in rich gravy

Tuck-in Tuna in Jelly

Dolphin-safe tuna steak in jelly and delicious fish broth

Tuck-in Tuna with Salmon in Jelly

Tuna steak and salmon fillet perfectly blended in jelly

Tuck-in Tuna with Shrimp in Jelly

High-quality tuna served with shrimp in scrumptious jelly

Chocka Chicken in Jelly is our all-natural, single-protein-source recipe.

Image (c) Untamed

Watch your Russian Blue kitten thrive on the Untamed diet

Instead of heavy processing by extreme heat, we gently simmer our dishes until they’re perfectly cooked. The method keeps the nutritional value of the ingredients and honours your cat’s natural diet.

Because each recipe has a high biological value, switching to our meals will improve your kitty’s overall health. Based on the feedback from our clients, we’ve created the timeline of the Untamed effect:


The Untamed effect

Within a week

  • Regulated bowel movement
  • Tidy litter tray

After two months

  • Normal shedding
  • Beautiful coat
  • Impeccable oral hygiene

Within four months

Life-long benefits

  • Efficient immune response
  • Natural weight management
  • Overall stable health

How to sign up for monthly deliveries of Untamed products

Order a starter pack online today and get the best food for your Russian Blue kitten tomorrow! The process is straightforward and involves the following simple steps:

  1. Take the TRY NOW online quiz to tell us about your pet
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  3. Confirm your order 

You can design a customised meal plan based on your pet’s food preferences, sensitivities, and life stage. Your first order will arrive within a day, fresh and ready to serve! 

If your feline friend likes the products, you can get regular monthly supplies of Untamed meals. 

In case there’s a detail you’d like to change regarding your initial cat food subscription, please contact us. We are happy to adjust or postpone delivery at any time.