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The ins and outs of raising a modern Siamese cat

Siamese cats can be categorised according to various physical features—the size of their head and tail or their coat patterns and colours—but the basic types are:

  1. Traditional Siamese cat
  2. Modern Siamese cat

Although modern Siamese cats are eye-catching, loveable, and popular, adopting one doesn’t come without challenges. Untamed elaborates on the origins of modern Siamese cats, presents the subtypes and their main characteristics, and explains how to take care of this breed

How did the modern Siamese cat come to be?

During the 1960s, Siamese cats have become one of the most sought-after breeds in the world. As their popularity grew, cat-show judges and, consequently, breeders developed a preference for a more slender and elegant body type. 

Breeders continued to emphasise the coveted features until they reached their goal—a longer, slimmer, and more narrow-headed feline. 

Call me old-fashioned, but you can’t deny my cuteness!

Source: Pixabay

By the end of the 1980s, most traditional Siamese cats were no longer participating in cat shows. Some breeders—mainly in the UK—continued to breed and raise these kitties despite their lack of popularity. Luckily, we can now enjoy both traditional and modern Siamese cats.

Traditional vs. modern Siamese cats

Both types of Siamese felines can be divided into the following subgroups: 

Traditional Siamese cats

Modern Siamese cats

  1. Applehead
  2. Oldstyle 
  3. Classic Siamese 
  1. Wedgie
  2. Light coloured Siamese
  3. Dark coloured Siamese


Traditional and modern Siamese have a lot in common—they’re friendly, intelligent, affectionate, attention-seeking, and vocal. If you’re looking for an easily trainable, fun-loving, and devoted companion, you won’t go wrong with either type.

Regarding their physical characteristics, both traditional and modern Siamese have distinctive markings, better known as the “pointed pattern.” The ends of their extremities, as well as faces and ears, are darker than the rest of their bodies. 

Their colours are also similar and come in many variations, but the CFA only accepts seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac points. 


While they share the same personality traits and certain physical features, there are specific differences between traditional and modern Siamese kitties. Check out the table below for more details:

Body parts

Traditional Siamese cats

Modern Siamese cats


Long, athletic torso 

More elongated, tubular, and muscular torso


Round face, resembling an apple

Wedge/triangular look that begins at the tip of the nose and expands to the ears


Natural-looking muzzle

Long muzzle


Large, pointy ears

Huge ears that stick out and lean forward


Long tail

Longer, thinner tail

Another difference is the lifespan. Modern Siamese cats live shorter than traditional ones. The reason behind this is the inbreeding necessary to achieve the desired elongated look, which made modern Siamese felines prone to particular health problems (e.g. kidney failure, heart problems, UTIs, and more).

Three types of modern Siamese cats

All modern Siamese felines can be divided into three groups:

  1. Wedgehead Siamese cats
  2. Light-coloured Siamese
  3. Dark-coloured Siamese

Wedgehead Siamese cats

These felines got their name because of their wedge-shaped head. Among modern Siamese kitties, Wedgheads are the most extreme and dramatic looking, with sharp, long faces and slanted eyes that make them easily recognisable. They significantly differ in looks from their traditional cousins. Wedgies are also the most vocal—they adore chit-chatting with their feline parents. 

My ears might be impressively large, but the only sound I wish to hear is that of a can opening…

Source: Siamesecheese

Light-coloured Siamese

Light-coloured Siamese cats come in two subtypes:

  • Chocolate point—These felines have light brown points and are overall light in colour 
  • Lilac point—With an unusually light base and grey, pink, and purple points, these felines are unique and popular
  • Cream point—They’re a common breed and have light spotting with no dark parts

Dark-coloured Siamese

The dark-haired variant is further categorised into:

  • Blue point—Captivating blue eyes and a recognisable grey-blue shade make this breed rare and popular
  • Seal point—These kitties are the darkest in colour, which makes a beautiful contrast with their blue eyes
  • Red point—Red or orange fur in combination with blue eyes makes these cats look exotic

Taking care of modern Siamese 

No matter which modern Siamese kitty you raise, they'll require your care and attention. 

Have you come to brush us or feed us? Either way, it’s about time!

Source: Siamesecheese

Pay special attention to their:

  • Grooming needs—Modern Siamese cats have short coats that are easy to take care of, but they still shed regularly and have particular grooming needs. To maintain their fur, you should brush it at least two times a week. If you're suffering from cat allergies, it'll alleviate the symptoms because they'll shed less. Use a damp cloth to clean their coat when needed and trim their nails weekly. Siamese cat’s dental health is usually excellent, and you can keep their teeth in impeccable condition by brushing them regularly and introducing dental food into their diet
  • Nutrition—Regardless of their active lifestyle, Siamese cats pile on pounds quickly if they overeat or consume too many carbs and grains, especially if they spend a lot of time indoors. Creating a proper diet for your feline is essential for their well-being and long life. Since they’re obligate carnivores, their meals should contain plenty of protein to keep them fit and healthy. Besides the nutritional value, you should also ensure your feline’s portions are suitable for their life stage and activity levels

The ideal diet for your modern Siamese feline companion

The essential nutrients in your feline’s diet are: 

  1. Animal protein 
  2. Animal fat
  3. Water

Animal protein

Animal protein is the primary energy source for cats. It contains essential amino acids, such as taurine, crucial for:

  • Vision
  • Reproductive health
  • Heart muscle function
  • Skin and coat

Cats can efficiently metabolise proteins from meat and fish. Keep in mind that not every ingredient has the same biological value. The higher the biological value of an animal protein source, the easier it is to metabolise. Since chicken, tuna, salmon, sardines, and shrimp have the highest biological value (92-99%), you should include them in your feline’s diet. 

Although vegetable proteins contain essential amino acids, cats cannot absorb them efficiently. Your feline would need to consume large amounts of vegetables to fulfil their protein needs, not to mention that their tummies aren’t great at digesting other components of plants, such as fibre. The biological value of peas, carrots, corn, sweetcorn, and other vegetables is lower than 65%. 


Fatty acids in animal fat help in:

  • Maintaining cell membrane structure
  • Regulating healing mechanisms
  • Making cat food taste great 

Even though fat is a good secondary energy source for cats, it is also rich in calories and shouldn’t exceed 20% in your cat’s diet. Overconsumption can lead to obesity and other related issues, such as diabetes and arthritis. 


Since felines aren’t avid water drinkers, their diet should meet their hydration needs. Wet food can keep your kitty hydrated because it contains a lot of moisture (as high as 70%). Incorporating dry food into your feline’s diet is OK as long as there’s a balance. Soaking kibble in plain soup or broth is an excellent way to avoid dehydration. 

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  3. Grains
  4. Sugar
  5. Dairy

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The Untamed effect

1 Week

2–4 months

  • Fewer hairballs and reduced shedding
  • Sleek and fluffy coat
  • Defined muscles and strong bones

6 months and up

  • Easier weight management and calorie control
  • Excellent immune response 
  • Balanced appetite 

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