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Are Siamese cats indoor cats? Untamed spills the tea

Siamese cats are active, vocal, and mischievous, so they love playing, running, and exploring. It seems that the best way to allow your feline to have an adventure is to let them into the wild. But, are Siamese cats indoor cats, or can you let them enjoy the great outdoors?

Cat parents’ opinions on the subject differ. While some believe that indoor cats lack the much-desired freedom, others think the outside world poses too many potential dangers. The truth lies somewhere in between.

Untamed explains the positive and negative sides to both options, so you can make an informed decision regarding your curious furry friend. 

Is your Siamese cat an indoor or outdoor feline?

Being curious, energetic, and friendly, Siamese cats are natural explorers. Unlike Persians and Ragdolls, Siamese kitties can withstand most challenges the outside world entails since they’re not as sensitive, but they should always be in a protected, secured, and controlled environment.

Before letting your Siamese in the garden, make sure they’ve:

  1. Developed a strong immune system
  2. Been properly vaccinated against all common infections 

Before the immunity is fully developed, the risk of catching a lethal disease is too high, so kittens should stay inside at least two weeks after the complete vaccination. Cat parents should consult their vets about if and when they should let their cats go outside.

These humans say I’m not independent enough to go by myself. Have they seen me catch a lizard???

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The pros and cons of the life in the great outdoors 

While Siameses are indoor cats, not being able to go outside can make them feel trapped. Lack of exercise and play will probably make them anxious, depressed, and lethargic. They love to have the freedom to explore their surroundings and follow their instincts.

Here are some pros and cons of letting your feline companion wander around the neighbourhood:



  • Outside sights, smells, and textures will keep your Siamese mentally stimulated and happy 
  • Outdoor felines are usually in excellent shape because they spend a lot of time climbing, running, and jumping
  • Your Siamese can tap into their wild nature and release their energy by chasing and hunting
  • You won’t have to clean their litter tray as often since they can do their business outside
  • While their shedding isn’t extreme, keeping Siamese cats outside will keep your furniture and clothes cat hair-free (especially important for allergic cat parents since these kitties aren’t hypoallergenic)
  • If you live in a neighbourhood with heavy traffic, your Siamese could get into an accident, especially since indoor kitties are not particularly streetwise
  • Siamese cats who aren’t too familiar with their surroundings could easily wander off too far and get lost. Since they’re beautiful and valuable, these kitties could also get stolen
  • Outdoor life carries a higher risk of catching diseases (FIV, Feline leukaemia, infections, and more)
  • While vaccines can protect felines from specific infections, your Siamese might ingest harmful substances, such as rodent poison and toxic plants, or a potentially dangerous allergen
  • Cats used to hunt birds, mice, slugs, and frogs. The urge for hunting hasn’t subsided, but domesticated cats are more sensitive and could get food poisoning from raw meat

Hey, hooman, if I nap with you, will you climb trees with me?

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What about living indoors?

Keeping a Siamese cat indoors all the time could be challenging, but it’s possible. Check out some pros and cons of indoor life in the following table:



  • You’ll know your Siamese cat is safe and protected 
  • Indoor felines live longer and healthier because there are fewer risks of catching various diseases or getting run over 
  • You can easily keep track of your Siamese cat’s diet at home and know exactly what and how much they’ve eaten
  • Your Siamese cat won’t be wet and dirty all the time, leaving muddy paw prints all over your home
  • Felines who stay indoors are easier to groom
  • You’ll need to designate plenty of space for your kitty to stay active
  • Indoor felines often become too attached and clingy and can experience separation anxiety when left alone
  • You will have to purchase toys, scratching posts, and cat trees to keep your Siamese from destroying your furniture, carpets, and curtains
  • You’ll need to dedicate at least half an hour a day to play with your furry friend, or they could gain weight. Indoor felines can quickly become obese, which entails other conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
  • Siamese cats who spend all their time inside can become lethargic and irritable

Naps feel so good after a long day of cat tree climbing.

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How to ensure your Siamese is happy and healthy indoors

If you cannot designate a safe space in your garden for your Siamese kitty, you should find a way to keep them healthy and happy indoors. Focus on the following:

  1. Create a fun environment for them
  2. Feed them adequate portions of high-quality food

How to create a fun environment for your Siamese

To let your Siamese’s adventurous personality shine indoors, you should:

  • Get them interactive toys—Siamese cats are intelligent and get bored quickly, so they need constant stimulation to stay active and motivated. Having different toys, such as catnip mice and food puzzles, will make them excited about playtime
  • Use cat trees and perches—Cats love heights and hard-to-reach places, so tall cat trees and perches will keep your Siamese entertained and your furniture safe. Place them near windows so your kitty can get some sunshine and fresh air
  • Participate in playtime activities—Siamese cats are loyal and love their humans. Creating a strong bond during playtime will fulfil your cat’s need for affection and attention
  • Get your Siamese a companion—If you’re busy and your lifestyle entails constant travel and absence from home, consider getting your Siamese a companion. They’re highly sociable and will get along with any kitty or dog

When you said I’d get a sibling, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind, but he’ll work…

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What's the best diet for your Siamese?

The cat food industry offers a variety of options for your Siamese. Whether you pick wet, dry, semi-moist, raw, or homemade food, it should contain ample amounts of:

  1. Animal protein
  2. Animal fat

Animal protein

Protein derived from meat and fish is the best source of energy and amino acids, including taurine and arginine, necessary for:

  • Energy
  • Muscle mass
  • Skin and coat maintenance
  • Healthy organ function

There are no vegans or vegetarians in the cat world because veggies cannot satiate felines’ nutritional needs. They would have to consume large amounts of vegetables to get enough protein, which would inevitably lead to indigestion. 

Your Siamese cat’s food should contain high amounts of the following ingredients:

Beef, pork, ham, and bacon also contain enough protein, but you should only serve them as treats since they’re high in fat. Avoid products that contain meat derivatives since they indicate a lack of high-quality meat and fish.

Ingredients you should steer clear of are:

In case of constipation, you can feed your feline small quantities of high-fibre veggies, including carrots, pumpkin, and broccoli, but don’t make them a regular part of your Siamese cat’s diet

Animal fat

Animal fat is a viable secondary source of energy for cats, and it promotes:

  • Transport of nutrients across cell membranes
  • Efficient inflammatory response 
  • Coat and skin health

Besides being healthy, animal fat also makes food taste yummy, so your Siamese will wolf down any meal with moderate amounts of fat, even if they’re picky and tend to turn their nose up at wet food

Are carbs bad for Siameses?

Cats cannot properly digest carbs and turn them into energy. Food containing carbs (grains, cereals, and sugar) is high in unhealthy calories, causes tummy sensitivity, and leads to weight gain.

The ideal nutrient ratio for Siamese cats

Your Siamese kitty’s diet should be high in animal protein, low in carbs, and moderate in animal fat.

Here is the recommended nutrient ratio for your feline:


Recommended percentage

Animal protein

More than 50%

Animal fat

Less than 20%


Up to 3%

The best diet for your Siamese cat contains large amounts of meat and fish.

Image (c) Untamed

How can Untamed help your Siamese stay healthy and happy indoors?

Untamed will help keep your Siamese fit and happy at home because our dishes are made to meet your kitty’s nutritional needs. Our jelly and gravy formulas are:

  • Rich in protein—Untamed products contain twice as much protein as most commercial brands. We use high-quality meat and fish to ensure your Siamese gets the healthiest and tastiest nutrients
  • Vet-formulated—We cooperate with vets to ensure our recipes contain healthy ingredients so that all felines, including growing kittens, lethargic adults with weight issues, pregnant queens, and senior Siamese cats, get everything they need to stay healthy. Untamed can also help avoid diet-related health issues like diabetes, UTIs, bladder stones, cystitis, and digestive problems
  • Grain- and allergen-free—Our products are free of filler ingredients that don’t add nutritional value and could cause digestive issues. Super sensitive kitties can try our single-protein meals that’ll calm their stomachs and won’t cause any allergies
  • Ethically produced—To make the planet a better place for felines and their parents, we get all our meat and fish from cruelty-free, sustainable suppliers, while our packaging is 100% recyclable

Get Untamed to provide your Siamese with the tastiest, best quality food!

Untamed has everything your Siamese needs for a healthy life at home!

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Three steps to your first Untamed delivery

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Cat parents who’ve switched their feline companions to Untamed have noticed the following positive changes:


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  • Less shedding and fewer hairballs