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Are Persian cats friendly or grumpy? 

Persian cats have been a favourite cat breed for decades. These glamorous felines boast the luscious coat and unique faces that make them instantly recognisable. But do their attractive looks match their personality, or are they the next contender for a popular grumpy cat meme?

Are Persian cats friendly, and what are they like as pets? Untamed reveals the truth and teaches you how to take great care of your new furry companion!

What are Persian cats like as pets?

Persian cats are among the most loving cat breeds. These kitties are famously:

  1. Affectionate
  2. Sociable
  3. Undemanding and laid-back
  4. Not-very-intelligent

Are Persian cats affectionate?

Don’t let my grumpy expression fool you—you are my entire world.

Source: Maxim Mushnikov

Persian cats are incredibly affectionate felines, and they are not afraid to show it, especially to people they love and trust. 

You will know your Persian adores you if they:

  • Purr a lot—Persians purr while you groom them or pet them, or even when they enjoy their food. That's how they show satisfaction
  • Knead—Kittens knead their mom's belly to stimulate milk production. This reflex remains forever, and kitties always associate it with comfort. If they knead on your lap, they show they love you, trust you, and feel happy in your company
  • Rub their cheeks against you or head-bunt you—If your Persian does this, it's a surefire sign of affection. Felines have scent glands on their heads and necks, and this is how they mark you as theirs and bond with you. This gesture is often accompanied by twitching of the tip of their tail, which also signals affection (unlike swift lashing that shows annoyance)
  • Spend time around you—If your Persian voluntarily sleeps on your lap and chooses to be around, it's a sign they enjoy your company. Playtime is also important and represents a great bonding opportunity
  • Meow at you—Persians are quiet cats, unlike the Siamese who chat incessantly. If your Persian start meowing at you, especially if they chirp or trill, they are not casually saying hello—they are saying hello to the most important person in their life
  • Look you in the eyes and blink slowly—Your kitty sends you kisses when they hold eye contact and blink slowly
  • Lick and groom you—When your Persian cat licks your hands or grooms your hair, it is the greatest display of affection you can get

Are Persian cats sociable?

Two-legged or four-legged, I don’t mind, as long as I have the company and attention.

Source: Touhid Arastu

Persian cats love being around people and interacting with them. They get along with kids, other pets (even cat-friendly dogs), and strangers.

These kitties are not scared of loud noises or sudden movements, and they are also very playful and tolerant of boisterous kids. Persians would happily enjoy the attention in situations where other felines would either lash out or leave. They have absolutely nothing against being picked up, held, or even patted on the forbidden area—their belly. All these traits make them a perfect pet for any household.

How active and demanding are Persians?

While friendly, Persians are not the life of the party. They relish attention but will never demand it. 

Their presence is a delight—they will lounge around their home and appreciate the admiration. These glamourous felines gladly accept being petted by whoever and are known to jump on anyone's lap to cuddle if the opportunity presents itself.

It is precisely this docile character that requires cat parents to encourage them to be more active. Persians are pretty lazy, especially as they grow older, so they need your help to exercise and stay healthy. Making time for some playtime twice a day is a great way to keep your Persian fit and bond with them—you will see they play like kittens even when they are all grown up.

To keep your kitty entertained, provide plenty of interactive toys, puzzles, and teaser toys and get them to chase a laser or feathers. A cat tree is also a great solution to encourage your Persian to spend excess energy by climbing and jumping.

How intelligent are Persian cats?

I’m doing my best! You’re not explaining it right.

Source: Sergey Semin

Persians are gorgeous, affectionate, and friendly. What they aren't is highly intelligent.

These felines are not great hunters and are not easy to train. It's not that they don't want to learn—they find it hard to comprehend what you want from them.

Persians compensate for their lack of wit with incredible personalities. They are so laid-back and calm that you won't have to worry about them making a mess around the house. You can leave them alone at home for reasonable periods, as they won't get bored and break into your cabinets. 

You also won't need to teach them much other than to use a litter tray, which will be effortless because Persians are exceptionally clean. They are aware of their beauty and do their best to maintain it. These kitties are not sloppy eaters either, unlike their cousins Maine Coons.

Are Persian cats high-maintenance?

Persian cats’ outstanding temperament conflicts with the maintenance required in terms of their:

  1. Grooming needs
  2. Dietary needs

Persian cat grooming requirements

Oh goody! It’s grooming time again.

Source: Stefan Ivanov

You can't possibly think that having a feline as pretty as a Persian is easy to groom. To ensure your kitty stays exactly the way they like it—gorgeous—you will need to:

  • Brush them daily—Persians have long hair, and it's an absolute must to brush them every day to avoid tangling and frequent hairballs. The best tool for this type of fur is a wide-tooth comb. You can also use a rubber comb to remove the dead hair and distribute natural oils evenly
  • Bathe them regularly—You should bathe your Persian every two to six weeks, depending on whether they go outside. If they live indoors, which is preferable, you can bathe them every six weeks
  • Trim their fur—Persians can be fussy about their litter trays and may start avoiding them. As their fur is so long, their waste can get stuck in their hair, which Persians won't enjoy given that they are neat-freaks. Some cat parents trim the hair on their kitties' bellies and hind legs to prevent these problems and make their feline friends more comfortable. It's best to let a professional groomer do it, so you don't mess up the aesthetics (because your Persian won't forgive you)

Persian cat dietary needs

Good nutrition and special care are crucial for any feline's health. There are a few reasons why you need to provide top-quality food for your Persian:

  • Fur—Hairballs can become a massive problem for these felines. Their diet requires a bit more fat to reduce the number of hairballs
  • Sensitive stomach—Persians are more likely to suffer from food allergies and react badly to additives
  • Low activitySuitable quantities of food devoid of carbs and other high-calorie ingredients will help prevent weight issues

What is the best food for a Persian?

A good combo of animal protein and fat is all your Persian cat needs.

Image (c) Untamed

To be healthy and happy, your Persian cat needs food with suitable amounts of:

  1. Animal protein
  2. Animal fat

Why animal protein?

Meat is the most important ingredient in the feline diet

Whatever type of cat food you opt for—wet, dry, semi-moist, or raw—make sure that meat or fish is listed first in the ingredient list. They are the only source of amino acids (such as taurine, arginine, or lysine) that cats need for:

  • Energy
  • Muscle growth
  • Healthy organ function

Many commercial products contain loads of grains and vegetable protein, but these are not suitable for felines because cats lack the enzymes to digest these ingredients properly. This is particularly important for Persian cats' sensitive tummies. Vegetables, fruit, and grains can cause a whole host of gastrointestinal issues, including:

Check out the kinds of ingredients to look for and the ones you should avoid:

Ingredients to prioritise

Ingredients to avoid

Small quantities of cooked carrots, broccoli, green beans, banana, or mango are acceptable if your kitty is constipated, but they must not be a part of their regular diet. 

Why animal fat?

Animal fat is important because it delivers healthy fatty acids necessary for:

Animal fat also provides delicious taste and texture, ensuring your kitty devours the healthy food you serve them. Jelly or gravy meals containing moderate amounts of pork, ham, or bacon are great fat sources for your Persian. 

The right nutrient balance

To ensure your Persian's nutritional needs are met, the food you choose should have the following composition:



Animal protein

50% or more

Animal fat

Less than 20% 


Up to 3%

How can Untamed keep your Persian healthy, friendly, and pretty?

Untamed is the perfect choice for your Persian’s sensitive stomach and demanding coat.

Image (c) Untamed

Untamed meals are full of human-grade whole meat and fish and are designed to mimic the feline natural diet. Our complete and balanced dishes provide your Persian with a perfect protein-to-fat ratio to keep them fit, healthy, and satiated. 

Every Untamed tin is:

  • Packed with animal proteinOur delicacies contain twice as much protein as most other commercial products. Your Persian will benefit from nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and hydration that only high-quality, meat-based wet cat food can provide
  • Vet-designed—Vets fine-tuned our homemade recipes to ensure all feline nutritional needs are met regardless of your furry friend’s life stage. Our dishes are also free from known allergens, sugar, grains, and other iffy ingredients
  • Irresistible—Untamed made it its mission to get even the fussiest felines hooked on wet food—and we succeeded. No kitty has yet turned their nose up at our tins

We are as committed to protecting the environment as we are to keeping felines healthy, so we:

  • Cooperate with cruelty-free, sustainable suppliers only
  • Make our packaging 100% recyclable
  • Operate on a carbon-neutral basis

Try Untamed today, and treat your Persian to the best of the best!

How to get Untamed for your Persian

Ordering Untamed online is simple. 

All you should do is:

  1. Share some info about your Persian
  2. Create a tailor-made meal plan for your feline friend
  3. Place the order

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Cat parents who have switched their furry friends to Untamed say you can expect:


What Untamed can do

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