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What to look for in Abyssinian cat food

A couple of well-pronounced ears isn’t the only reason why Abyssinian cats earned the “Bunny” epithet. The feline is an exceptional jumper with an active lifestyle that requires nutrient-dense meals.

In this article, we’re looking into the best Abyssinian cat food. We’ll cover the basics of the feline’s natural diet and see which factors come into play when devising a meal plan. Let’s find out which ingredients are useful to Abys and which should be hopped off the menu.

Do Abyssinian cats need a special diet?

Abyssinian cats require nourishing and energising meals to maintain an active lifestyle. The playful feline loves to climb trees and catch mice, so they need sustenance. In terms of nutrients, Abyssinian cat food should be rich in:

  1. Animal protein—Protein is the primary energy source and the most important nutrient in the feline diet. Cats can only harness it from animal tissue, meaning plant protein (e.g. soya, brewer’s yeast, peanut butter powder, etc.) is utterly useless to the carnivorous feline
  2. Amino acids—Out of 22 essential amino acids, cats can synthesise about half. The remaining eleven must be present in their meals, particularly taurine and arginine. Without the two amino acids, felines can experience reproductive problems, heart disease, blindness, and seizures
  3. Fat—Abys should get up to 20% fat from their meals to maintain a healthy coat. Avoid saturated fats in pork, deli meat, nuts, and other fatty foods, and give them chicken, turkey, and fish since they’re much healthier. The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty in poultry and fish nourish the feline’s skin and fur while promoting wound regeneration
  4. Moisture—Water promotes blood circulation and gastrointestinal mobility and is an irreplaceable source of electrolytes. If cats don’t get enough fluids, they can develop chronic dehydration, urinary blockage, constipation, and other conditions that get in the way of their daily activities
  5. Vitamins and minerals—Micronutrients in animal tissue can contribute to your cat’s health in many ways, from strengthening their immune response to assisting enzyme activities

Abyssinian cats are fueled by the protein in animal tissue.

Image (c) Untamed

Common health problems in Abyssinian cats—the importance of high-quality nutrition

When looking for the best Abyssinian cat food, you should take into account the breed’s genetic predispositions. Poor eating habits can contribute to the early onset of certain illnesses or worsen the symptoms of existing disorders.

As a breed, Abyssinian cats are susceptible to:

  1. Pyruvate kinase deficiency—Some Abys are born with a disease that attacks the red blood cells, causing them to disintegrate at an abnormal rate. The inherited condition can lead to anaemia and even liver failure. Abyssinian cats should avoid foods with potent oxidants, like kale or garlic, and eat meals with high-quality digestible protein
  2. Retinal atrophy—Abyssinian cats can suffer from progressive blindness, especially as they approach old age. The genetic retinal disease has only been recognised in one other breed—Persians. Cats with retinal atrophy need lots of taurine and vitamin A in their diet to sustain their vision
  3. Periodontal disease—Many breeds are susceptible to dental problems, including Abys and their Southeast Asian cousin—the Siamese cat. Periodontal disease is an inflammation of the gum, typically caused by plaque build-up. To maintain proper oral hygiene and avoid bad breath, gum recession, and teeth loss, Aby cats should eat grain-free, moisture-rich cat food. Dental treats and cat thyme can also help with gum disease
  4. Hyperesthesia syndrome—The so-called rolling skin disease is a complex illness in felines. Afflicted cats tend to scratch, bite, or over-groom the affected areas, usually the base of the tail, causing the rippling or “rolling” of the skin (hence the name). That’s why Abys need fatty acids in their diet

Wet food vs. kibble—which works best for the energetic Aby?

Abyssinian cats would benefit most from daily servings of wet food. High-quality semi-moist and wet products are:

  • Closer to the feline natural dietWet food delivers all essential nutrients Abys would harness from fresh prey, mainly protein, taurine, and healthy fats
  • Highly hydrating—The average moisture content in wet food is around 70%, more than enough to keep them hydrated
  • Rich in animal protein—On average, wet products have more than 50% protein, which is the optimal ratio for cats
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals—Meat already contains bioavailable micronutrients cats need to thrive. Some manufacturers also include supplements in their products, but that usually means that the quality of the proteins is subpar, so it’s best to avoid them

Always pay attention to the ingredients list when buying cat food. Avoid products that contain grain fillers, animal derivatives, and preservatives since they hold no biological value. Abyssinian cats need digestible protein from high-quality whole meat for healthy organ function!

While dry food is considered good for the teeth, it’s not as nourishing as wet recipes. Kibble contains starch and other plant-based ingredients that add bulk to the meal but have no real nutritional value. 

The carnivorous feline can’t turn the excess carbs into energy, resulting in a calorie surplus. A high-carb diet can also be hard on the liver since the organ lacks the enzymes for carbohydrate digestion

I eat what I want, human.

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When it comes to the quality of our food, we don’t make compromises! 

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High in protein

Our meals contain twice the amount of protein as the industry standard! 

We don’t add grain fillers, vegetable protein, starch, or other unnecessary ingredients to our products. Untamed food is packed with high-quality animal protein, ensuring your cat has enough energy for their daily shenanigans!

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Made with whole meat

Each Untamed recipe is made with high-quality whole meat. We exclusively use:

  • Chicken breast 
  • Duck breast
  • Salmon fillet
  • Tuna steak
  • Sardine and mackerel fillet

The fresh, natural ingredients are gently steamed to ensure the final product is highly nourishing. Our meat is of human-grade quality, ensuring your Aby gets all the nutrients they need to stay healthy and chipper! 


Untamed has successfully recreated the feline natural diet with the help of veterinary experts.

We formulate each recipe in collaboration with vets to ensure our food is fit for felines of all ages and breeds, from kittens to oldtimers. Our diet is designed to safeguard your kitty’s health while keeping their spirits up!

Ethically made 

Being a 100% Carbon Neutral Certified business, we are dedicated to preserving the environment.

As part of our Planet Pledge, we only use ethically-reared ingredients in our food. The tuna in our Tuck-in Tuna and Full-on Fishy recipes is sustainably caught and dolphin-safe, and the chicken and duck are entirely cruelty-free!

Untamed also uses 100% recyclable materials for packaging. Instead of pouches, our food is distributed in tins for easy recycling.

Fussy eater approved

All cats are picky about their food, regardless of the breed. Untamed knows exactly how to deal with fussiness! The natural qualities of our whole meat make our food utterly irresistible.

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Watch your Aby thrive with Untamed

The nutritional qualities of our food can do more than boost your cat’s energy. Long-term members of our proud clowder have noticed substantial improvements in their cat’s overall health. 

After switching to Untamed, you can witness the effects of our all-natural feline diet first-hand. Based on client feedback, here’s what you can expect:


Health benefits

Within a week

  • Regulated bowel movement
  • Tidy litter tray

After two months

  • Normal shedding
  • Sleek coat
  • Impeccable oral hygiene

Within four months

  • Fewer hairballs
  • Optimal muscle tone
  • Stable digestive health
  • Stronger bones

Life-long benefits

Try our incredible recipes! 

Our menu is packed with delicious poultry and fish recipes, peppered with high-quality seafood, premium chicken liver, and delicious hormone-free ham. You can create a personalised meal box for your Aby cat by filling out our online questionnaire! Type in your pet’s food preferences, sensitivities, and life stage, and select the products that fit the requirements.

You can have a look at our offer in the table below: 

Our menu


Chocka Chicken in Jelly

Chicken breast immersed in mouth-watering jelly 

Chocka Chicken with Duck in Jelly

Chicken breast flavoured with delectable duck meat, served in jelly

Chocka Chicken with Ham in Gravy

Chicken breast gently cooked in natural gravy with a tinge of ham 

Chocka Chicken in Gravy

Shredded chicken breast simmered in chicken gravy

Tuck-in Tuna in Jelly

Dolphin-safe tuna meat served in jelly and fish broth

Tuck-in Tuna with Salmon in Jelly

Tuna steak soaked in jelly with salmon fillet

Tuck-in Tuna with Shrimp in Jelly

Tuna whole meat served in jelly with shrimp

Chocka Chicken in Jelly is a single protein recipe.

Image (c) Untamed

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Are there foods Abyssinian cats can’t eat?

Abyssinian cats are naturally curious about their surroundings.

Source: Joshua Daniel

The “Bunny” cat’s genetic predisposition for blood disorders makes them extremely sensitive to allium plants. Veggies like garlic and onions contain oxidants that enable hemolysis, i.e. the breaking down of red blood cells. A tiny amount of garlic powder in soup or broth can seriously harm anaemic Abys.

Besides allium vegetables, other harmful ingredients include:

  1. Grapes—It’s unclear why, but grapes and raisins are extremely poisonous to cats. A possible cause may be the fungal toxins in the fruit or the high levels of tartaric acid
  2. Citrus fruits—Most cats react poorly to the essential oil extracts in citruses. Merely touching the fruit can cause skin inflammation. When consumed, citruses can induce mild to severe food poisoning
  3. Raw ingredientsRaw food (e.g. uncooked meat, unpasteurised milk, raw eggs, etc.) can contain microbial pathogens that cause infections in cats. Avoid giving them raw bones as well since they’re a choking hazard
  4. Yeast—Yeast in raw bread dough can ferment in the feline’s stomach and produce alcohol. Even a teaspoon of alcohol can put an average-sized Aby in a coma
  5. CaffeineFood and drinks that have traces of caffeine induce restlessness, heart palpitations, muscle tremors, and breathing difficulties in felines

Keep in mind that Abyssinian cats aren’t the only breed sensitive to these foods! Most felines will react poorly after ingesting these ingredients.