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Are Ragdoll cats friendly? All about the affable feline 

Are Ragdoll cats friendly? Absolutely! The floppy cats have a reputation for being gentle, calm, and agreeable. Some cat parents claim Ragdolls are attuned to the emotional needs of their humans, which further cements their rating as the ideal feline companion. 

In this article, we learn everything about the friendly feline, including notable personality traits and the level of care they need.

What are Ragdoll cats like as pets?

Ragdolls are one of the UK's top ten most popular house cats and for a good reason. The gentle giants are widely known for being:

  1. Affectionate
  2. Intelligent
  3. Easy to train

Are Ragdoll cats affectionate? 

Pet me, pet me, pet me, pet me, more!

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Ragdolls are so friendly, they could be mistaken for puppies! The robust felines are known for their placid and affectionate disposition, especially towards caretakers. 

Ragdolls famously enjoy human company and have little to no reservations when it comes to people. The name “Ragdoll” is a reference to the way the cuddlesome cat melts into an embrace.

Unlike other breeds who enjoy personal space, Ragdolls are quite needy. The loving feline will wait patiently for you to come home and proceed to follow you around demanding attention. 

Ragdolls can get bored when left to their own devices, so you’ll have to keep them entertained. They also don’t appreciate being alone for long periods, or they can get depressed. Ragdolls are sociable cats who favour hanging out with their family. 

The well-natured feline is incredibly cheerful, and they get along swimmingly with kids. You won’t have to worry about accidental injuries since Ragdolls aren’t aggressive in their play. The gentle giants often retract their claws during playtime and don’t have a tendency to bite or pounce.

Are ragdoll cats intelligent?

When compared to other breeds (e.g. Maine Coons), Ragdolls have subpar instincts and are somewhat prone to accidents. The mild-mannered feline isn’t cut out for catching mice (they’re more likely to befriend them instead). Ragdolls have a trusting, easy-going nature, so they’re not exactly “street smart.”

Although they’re not a mouser breed, Ragdoll cats are still quite clever. A Ragdoll cat’s intelligence really shines through during playtime. They enjoy interactive games and can adapt to different scenarios with ease. If you take the time to teach a Ragdoll some tricks, you’ll be surprised how fast they can learn! 

Are Ragdoll cats easy to train?

Since Ragdolls are docile and intelligent, you’ll be able to train them with ease. The feline’s high social intelligence makes them responsive to voice commands and other forms of communication. 

You can try various teaching methods, including:

  1. Clicker training—using a clicker to install certain behaviours
  2. Positive reinforcement—rewards and appreciation for motivation
  3. Fetching and retrieving—teaching with voice commands

Ragdoll kittens don’t struggle with potty training either. Make sure to keep the litter box in an open area (e.g. a walk-in closet) so that your kitty can approach it easily.

Keep in mind that Ragdolls are a larger breed, so they need a bigger, deeper litter box. A covered litter box probably won’t work when they reach their full size.

I can’t catch mice, but I’m good at picking up social cues!

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What is the ideal household for a Ragdoll?

Ragdolls need a calming, stable atmosphere at home. The friendly felines also hate being alone. If you’re away during the day and you can’t keep a consistent feeding schedule, a Ragdoll isn’t a good fit.

The gentle giants aren’t cut out for the rough and tumble of the streets, so you’ll have to keep them inside. Their easy-going, trusting personalities can get them in trouble with other animals and ill-natured humans. Being a pedigree breed, the floppy cats are a desirable snatch for kidnappers! 

Ragdolls are quite docile, which makes them the perfect companions for young children but also puts them in a vulnerable position. The meek cats are unlikely to protest when handled roughly, so kids should be monitored closely during playtime.

Ragdolls desperately miss their humans when they’re left alone.

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What if my Ragdoll has a bad temper?

If your formerly friendly feline is putting on a grumpy face, it’s worth looking into. Notable behavioural and psychological changes can indicate something is wrong. Your Ragdoll might be feeling down because they’re:

  • Understimulated—Are you spending enough time with your Ragdoll? The floppy cats can get bored out of their wits without proper stimulation. Besides scheduled playtime, you need to make sure they’re entertained even in your absence
  • Under the weather—Your kitty might be acting aloof if they’re experiencing health problems. Illness and injuries can sometimes cause a shift in a cat’s personality. Schedule an appointment with your vet if the strange behaviour continues
    • Tired—Unbalanced meals can lower your cat’s energy levels and affect their disposition. If your otherwise joyful Ragdoll is avoiding playtime, they might not have the fuel to have fun. Make sure your pet gets enough nutrients and calories in their diet

    How do I take proper care of my Ragdoll cat?

    How do you make sure your Ragdoll keeps their sunny disposition for decades to come? With some TLC! The basic care for Ragdolls includes:

    1. Grooming
    2. Playtime and exercise
    3. Healthy diet

    How often should I groom my Ragdoll?

    Ragdolls are famous for their silky coats that aren’t difficult to maintain. The fluffy cats don’t have dense undercoats that require daily upkeep, unlike Maine Coons and Persians. Regular brushing once or twice a week is enough to nurture their fur and provide hairball control since they don’t shed excessively

    Since they’re indoor cats and have good hygiene, Ragdolls don’t need frequent bathing. You can wash them once per month or in case they make a mess.

    As far as brushing goes, here’s a breakdown of the technique:

    • Use a slicker brush with soft bristles rather than a steel comb because it might irritate their skin
    • Start with the belly or the legs since those are the areas where the fur is longer
    • Brush with broad upward strokes to prevent matting
    • Remove any remaining dead hair using a rubber brush

    It should be rather easy to get your Ragdoll to hold still while grooming because they don't mind being handled. If the floppy cat seems jittery, reassure them in a soothing voice. You can also bribe them with some ham or other treat of choice!

    Do Ragdolls need regular exercise?

    Exercise? But wouldn’t you rather nap on the couch?

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    Ragdoll cats are one of the largest breeds with a propensity to gain weight, so they need regular physical activity. The floppy cats are somewhat sluggish and may need an incentive to work out.

    Active play can help maintain your pet's ideal weight and take care of their emotional needs since they’ll love interacting with you. Try to spend 20 minutes a day playing with your Ragdoll. The gentle giants are wonderful playmates who learn quickly and enjoy playing various dynamic games, such as:

    • Playing fetch with a small, bouncy ball
    • Playing hide and seek or chase
    • Using interactive toys
    • Solving food puzzles

    What’s the best diet for Ragdolls?

    Ragdolls should enjoy a high-protein, low-carb diet to keep their kidneys, bladder, heart, and overall metabolism healthy. The gentle giants need daily servings of grain-free wet food that’s free of sugar, animal derivatives, and other unwelcome ingredients.

    Dry products are too processed for Ragdolls, who need hydrating food to sustain their urinary system. Kibble is also higher in carbs because most recipes include starches and vegetable meals. Carbs are useless to felines because of their carnivorous diet and only serve to add bulk to the products.

    It’s important to feed your Ragdoll an age-appropriate diet. The floppy cats reach maturity at around four years old, and before that, they experience multiple growth spurts. During the developmental period, kittens need more calories than full-grown Ragdolls. 

    How much food your cat should eat per day is also based on their weight and sterilisation status (neutered cats can have increased appetites, so they tend to gain weight faster). 

    It’s best to calculate the ideal calorie intake based on the feline’s current weight. Adult Ragdolls should eat a maximum of 40 kcal per one kg, which adds up to 240 and 380 kcal for males and 160–280 kcal for females. You should also use a comparative weight chart to confirm your cat is maintaining a healthy weight

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