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80% Real Meat

Whole meats that satisfy cats metabolic needs as obligate carnivores

Complete Cat Food

Packed with the good stuff - no artificial preservatives, fillers, grains, or sugars

Natural diet

Recipes formulated to mirror the diet your cat would eat in the wild

Moisture rich

Slow cooking locks in the moisture to keep your cat hydrated

ingredients you
can trust...

Untamed Cat Food ingredients

Nutritional benefits



Analytical Constituents:

Nutritional Additives (per kg):

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Real meat, real nutrition

The importance of Primal Protein

Untamed is made to give your little hunter the diet they'd thrive on in the wild. The whole meats they'd track down on the open plains, dive in rivers for, and bother on farmyards. Protein-rich and packed with all the nutrition they need.

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Complete nutrition, expertly prepared

We take the freshest human-grade ingredients, gently steam them and perfectly portion them into dishes your cat will go wild for.

Complete nutrition, expertly prepared
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