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Is your cat's food healthy?

Cat food should mimic cat's natural diet. Often, it's not.

Why is store-bought cat food so bad?


From Carcass to Cat Bowl

To reduce costs, leading pet food brands often only offer a minimum of 4% real meat, using the least nutritious parts of the animal.

These are the by-products of the human food industry - parts that are often tough for cats to digest and offer little nutritional value.


The Sweet Deception

Have a look at store-bought cat food labels and you'll see "various sugars" in the ingredients.

Cats should avoid unnecessary sugar, which they can't even taste! Sugar gives food a prettier consistency but it's a big NO for cats.


Herbivore Ingredients in a Carnivore's Diet

The essential amino acids crucial for your cat's well-being - such as taurine, arginine, and tyrosine - are missing in plant proteins.

By replacing meat with plant alternatives, manufacturers are offering a substandard product that doesn't meet your cat's natural nutrition requirements.


Carb Overload: Grains Don't Belong in Feline Diets

 Grains, corn, soy, and rice are the usual suspects when it comes to bulking up cat food on the cheap, leading to a diet that's heavy on starch.

This deviation not only misaligns with their instinctual eating patterns but can also lead to long-term health issues.  

How can poor nutrition impact your cat's health?

Less playfulness:

Poor nutrition can sap your cat's energy, leaving them less inclined for play and interaction.

Messy litter box:
Poor nutrition can lead to digestive woes and a messier litter box with a stronger smell that's hard to ignore.

Poor coat:
Inadequate intake of essential nutrients often manifests in a dull coat and an uptick in hairballs.

Weight issues:

Weight fluctuations become apparent when cats don't receive a balanced diet.

Cat nutrition needed a hero,
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Often made with a mix of unclear ingredients (meat but also bones, skin, hooves...)

Lower protein quality & quantity

Much harder to digest

Often contains derivatives, grains, sugars and fillers

Real meat, real nutrition

Untamed is made to give your little hunter the diet they'd thrive on in the wild. Protein-rich and packed with all the nutrition they need.






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We take the freshest human-grade ingredients, gently steam them and perfectly portion them into dishes your cat will go wild for.

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